Want the best deal for Interior Contract solution…….Say complete 3 BHK Interiors for 10 lakhs……Read this…….

Want the best deal for Interior Contract solution…….Say complete 3 BHK Interiors for 10 lakhs……Read this…….

As promised we are here with our best deal till date for the client’s out there who are hunting professionals to design their space.
Now with the competition reaching out its threshold, finding a trusted Interior Designing firm in India is quite tuff job for the indivisuals who are busy in their day to day lives.

So we make your life and task simple.
Tranquil Designs have now issued its rates all over the internet and social media with the same warranty services as it was offering before which were

  • 5 years of warranty of each completed sites with a documented proof handed to its client’s
  • Every six months maintenance service for the completed sites till 5 years for free and it is also provided with a documented proof to its client.

Now with the above clauses at hand,
Tranquil Designs has issued a package chart which is attached below

Screenshot (25)The offer is valid till September 29th, 2017.
All the orders and queries on or before 29th midnight will be considered.

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Tranquil Revolution…best qaulity design and execution,5 years of warranty,every 6 months maintenance…Read to know more…..

Tranquil Revolution…best qaulity design and execution,5 years of warranty,every 6 months maintenance…Read to know more…..

Tranquil Revolution

Tranquil Designs, an interior designing and decoration firm has laid down some new revolutionized policies which are mentioned below:

  • Tranquil Design is providing 5 years of warranty on its each and every completed sites to its client with a documented proof.

  • Tranquil Design is also providing every 6 months of maintenance services to its clients again with the documented proof.
    A group of two skilled technician will visit the sites at every six months for a through inspection of the site.If any defects pop out, the technician will repair them on site on the expenses of Tranquil Designs

  • Free hand sketched 3D
    Tranquil Designs is providing free 3D layout(pencil sketched) to its clients which others charge approx. four thousands per view .

  • Free consultation service
    Tranquil Designs is also providing free consultation and guidance services to its clients .

With these few important points Tranquil Designs is scoring a goodwill in the market.

For free consultation provide few details below and you will be contacted in no time.

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Need an Interior Solution with 5 years of warranty and free maintenance services in Kolkata? Then you should read this article…….

Need an Interior Solution with 5 years of warranty and free maintenance services in Kolkata?  Then you should read this article…….

Tranquil Designs the name which you might have heard in the recent two to three years is a one stop solution for the home interior solution.
Located in Kolkata,
Tranquil Designs have come up with few new revolutions in the interior industry:

  • Tranquil Designs are providing 5 Years of warranty on each of the services which they are providing to their clients
  • In addition,like a cherry on the cake,it is also providing every 6 months maintenance service for free for their completed projects for the term of 5 years.
  • For their new clients they are also offering free consultation services.

The owner of Tranquil Designs says

Each and every client is like a fresh page who should be guided with best possible solutions and ideas and should be filled with the best memories while they make their dream home come to reality.
We build our dream home ones in a lifetime and hence we should provide them the best experiences so that they can cherish them for their entire lifetime.

In fact all the above are documented and provided to their client on a company letter head by owner itself.

I have already booked my appointment,
And you should as well.

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False Ceilings…..Gypsum,POP,Plaster Board,Rafters,Wooden Ceiling,Drywall,Maintenance……Tuff ? Read this ……..

False Ceilings…..Gypsum,POP,Plaster Board,Rafters,Wooden Ceiling,Drywall,Maintenance……Tuff ? Read this ……..

False Ceiling

False ceiling means any ceiling that is suspended below the original ceiling usually to conceal an ugly or too high ceiling or to install fluorescents with translucent panels to give the effect of the entire ceiling being lit up. In short, it is just a second ceiling concealing the original. This section lists the persons who does false ceiling to your roofs along with their particulars.

Types of False Ceiling :

  1. Gypsum Ceiling
  2. Plaster of Paris Ceiling
  3. Fiber Ceiling
  4. Wooden Ceiling
  5. Glass Ceiling
  6. Metal Ceiling
  7. Synthetic Leather or Cloth Ceiling

Advantages of False Ceiling:

  • It provides a smooth homogeneous surface to the roof.
  • It provides fire protection as it creates compartmentation.
  • False ceiling helps in acoustical treatment.
  • It conceals all the non-pleasing elements and hides it from the viewer’s eyes.
  • It also hides the pipelines and the electrical cables running in the room. All the ducts of air-conditioning can be hidden under it.
  • False ceiling materials are easy to install and cheap as compared to traditional roof systems.

Disadvantages of False Ceiling:

  • The most worrying aspect of having a false ceiling would be pests. They can get through into the space between and can start their own breeding which might lead to a lot of trouble.
  • Also be careful while putting up decorations or hangings while you have a false ceiling in place. Make sure you know the strength and durability, do’s and don’ts with regard to your ceiling.
  • Lastly, the false ceiling would reduce the height of the ceiling considerably and hence do not install false ceiling unless you have a decent ceiling height.

Plaster of Paris Ceiling or POP Ceiling :

Plaster of Paris (POP) is the majorly used material in the construction of false ceiling. POP is obtained when gypsum is heated to a certain degree. It gives the both aesthetical and functional help.

Plaster of Paris false ceiling are attractive, almost no maintenance and has a long life span. They are very excellent insulators or heat and cold.

These types of false ceiling don’t only hide the ugly members of structure, ventilation ducts and conduits but also give smooth finish to the ceiling.

Gypsum False Ceiling:

Gypsum false ceiling is a hydrated sulfate of calcium. This type of false ceiling are lightweight, sound insulated, fire resistance, soft and thermally insulated.

Gypsum false ceiling comes in the shape of square boards that are hung with the help of iron framework. The finishing work on these boards like paints, laminates, wallpapers and texture finish gives good look.

Wooden False Ceiling or Rafters

Wooden false ceiling is used due to its natural textures and pattern. Nowadays this types of false ceiling are used commonly as it gives a pleasant look to the eyes.

Wooden false ceiling being costly, is not used in malls and hospitals but can be installed in residential buildings. They can be given various finishes, or painted to get the right look.

Fiber False Ceiling:

Fiber false ceiling are in high demand for the construction of false ceiling due to low cost and east installation. The material used to manufacture fiber ceiling panels are man made by synthetic and natural minerals. As these are man-made they come in many shapes and sizes.

Glass False Ceiling:

One of the type of false ceiling used in construction are of glass. It is a non-crystalline material with the property of brittle and transparent. But this can be altered to make it non brittle and non-transparent using some admixtures.

As glass is a good insulator of heat, it can be used for false ceiling. This type of false ceiling improves aesthetical appearance of the building.

Metal Ceiling:

As metal is a hard and durable material, it is used extensively in the false ceiling. When the metal surface is polished it gives a shiny surface which is a treat for eyes.

The metals used in this are galvanized iron and aluminum. The cost of this ceiling are low as they are easy to install and access. The hidden members of the structure are easily accessed as the panels are easily removable and reattached. The construction cost becomes less as the installation, fixing and maintained is low.

Synthetic Leather or Cloth Ceiling:

The materials used in this type of ceilings are either leather or cloth. As both the used materials are man-made they can be given any form, shape and design which improves the aesthetic view of interior of the building.

As these collects dust and has low light transferring property it’s only used in temporary tents or other temporary buildings.


Drywalls also known as plasterboard or gypsum board is a panel made of gypsum plaster pressed between two thick sheets of paper. Drywalls are usually used to make interior walls and partitions. Drywalls have replaced lath and plaster today because of it is quick to work with.

There are different types of drywall –
• Drylining System
• Interior Partition
• Performance Drywalls
• Wet Area Drywalls

Features of Drywall Interior Partition

• Quick Installation – Drywall are easy to be placed and also need less labor as compared to masonry construction. Also in masonry construction, work needs to be done faster to hand over the job for electrical wiring and other services. While with Drywall, such services like electrical are offered in the system itself. This makes the process easy and quick.

• Dry Construction – Masonry i.e. brick and block construction is quite a laborious task which requires ample of water curing. Whereas with Drywall (as name suggests), is a water free application. It therefore can be put up much faster and also is an easier process.

• Light Weight and Flexible – Drywalls are 8 to 10 times lighter than masonry walls. This lessens a lot of load of the structure. Drywalls are an advantage especially for high-rise structures where not only structural cost is reduced, but also the burden of moving up the heavy material. Studies have shown that having Drywalls saves upto 15% cost.

Light-weightiness of drywalls make them flexible allowing easy customization for interiors. The versatility of drywalls allows one to create space within space.

• Sound Insulators – Offer exceptional acoustic insulation (you can call it sound insulators). They prevent sound movement from one room to other.It can deliver almost 70dB+ level of sound insulation.

• Fire Resistant– Drywalls can withhold fire resistance for almost 4 hours of stability, integrity and insulation. In case fire breaks out, it can be confined to certain area, which gives enough time to the occupants to evacuate the structure.

• Thermal security-Drywalls have low thrermal conductivity but high thermal resistance. This property lowers electrical consumption, reducing the load on air-conditioning units.

• All types of finishes – Can take all types of finishes i.e. like paint or wallpaper or laminates, etc.

• Durability – Drywall Interior Partitions are strong and full-bodied and can characteristically last for lifetime of a building unless they are subjected to alteration.

• Cost Effective – Lastly, drywalls are super cost effective alternative to masonry walls that takes time to build.

Installation of Drywall Interior Partition

Drywall is truly a wall system consisting of GI steel frame which is encased in gypsum plasterboard.The Drywalls are attached to each other on either side with self-drilling drywall screws.For huge partitions and walls, the joints are taped and finished with gypsum jointing compounds.

False Ceiling Maintenance

Well to all those homeowners and makers who are extra careful about cleanliness, false ceiling is a way to go.

I mean, maintaining the beauty and delicacy of false ceiling is a hassle free job. Gypsum board false ceiling can easily be maintained like any other plastered surface. No special maintenance is required. For any dust accumulation it can be cleaned with broom or a smooth rug, just like other interiors of your house.

While cleaning the False Ceiling Home owner needs to take care for no water contact. Gypsum plasterboard and water don’t go hand in hand. Water will damage the ceiling finish and durability too. False ceiling are always completed and finished with a coat of final paint.For ceilings with luster paint or Oil based paint can be cleaned with damp cloth.

Here We have tried to cover brief points of each and every aspect of false ceilings but its a vast subject

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What!Onyx is also known as Travertine and Sardonyx …………and all about it !

What!Onyx is also known as Travertine and Sardonyx …………and all about it !

Now after facing the truth that the Corian is a brand and not the product,lets give you few facts about one of the recent stone in trend being blabbered by most of the clients to be used at their dream spaces to cast out a luxury aroma, that is ONYX and is also called Travertine stone.
Onyx with red and white bands is sometimes called as “Sardonyx”.
This natural stone has gorgeous, translucence, and different colors. The colors of onyx are soft and sumptuous, almost delicate look. The light shades of golden honey, mint greens, and whirl browns will give you erotic feel. There are various bands or lines of complementary color running all thorough the stone contributing to its exclusive color characteristics. Onyx is an image feast for the eyes.

Onyx is a banded variety of the oxide mineral chalcedony. Agate and onyx are both varieties of layered chalcedony that differ only in the form of the bands: agate has curved bands and onyx has parallel bands…………………

and blah blah and obviously you are not interested in any of its chemical composition but instead definitely must be intrested about its advantages,disadvantages,applications,and the most important the price.
So lets dig them up one after another.

Applications and advantages

  • Onyx marble is used most often as a fireplace surround; bar top, or as a small island as it transmits light.Careful consideration is required when using onyx marble at your residential area. Think of your own lifestyle and conditions before purchase onyx as a countertop surface or a bar top.
  • It Is also used in wall cladding, light duty home floors, sinks base, and tables. Onyx could also used for novelty items such as vases, urns, wine goblets, lamps and bowls. It really works wonderful where you could accent the stone and use under lighting or backlighting to draw attention of its transparent qualities
  • It can be used as countertops and is being used already at most of the site.This greatly under-utilized material is versatile and elegant allowing it to look good almost anywhere. Onyx is considered luxurious in the world of stone for many reasons.
  • A more inspiring application is installing onyx as a wall finish or cladding in a grid pattern where the slabs are cut into manageable sized sections and secured to the wall with metal fasteners or channels. Onyx is on the softer end of the stone density scale, making it better suited for interior and vertical applications.
  • Another advantage to onyx is that it’s somewhat translucent and has the appearance of being delicate and soft to the touch.  This luxurious quality allows it to be easily backlit. Backlighting a stone with even light distribution can greatly enhance the color and movement within a stone.
  • Backlit onyx countertops are breathtaking in restaurant bars as well as backlighting onyx on the face of a hotel front desk. Since backlighting stone tends to be magnetic and draws attention, it is often seen in public spaces designed to enlighten or energize the crowd such as casinos, hotel lobbies, and bars.


  • Onyx have to be sealed to prevent it from absorbing stain producing liquids into the surface of the material.Areas, where onyx is installed that have high traffic or wear, such as floors and countertops, should be resealed on a regular basis.
  • The biggest disadvantage to onyx is that overtime the fill used to make the surface smooth can become loose and will need to be replaced. Filling and then smoothing a travertine floor or countertop is not generally considered to be a home handyman project, as the color matching of the fill, which is critical to the overall appearance, requires a lot of expertise to create a professional finish.
  • The above losing of the fill is related to the level of traffic or degree of cleaning of the Onyx stone, the homeowner should consider if the location chosen to use it as the finish material is appropriate for the level of maintenance required.


The Onyx slabs or rather slabs have an starting range of 450rs/sq.ft and goes upto the 3850rs/sq.ft and even above depending on the dye and the stains required.

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Now don’t handover your product list to contractors but buy it youself with the brand knowledge…..

Now don’t handover your product list to contractors but buy it youself with the brand knowledge…..

The biggest concern which haunts ones mind when building his/her dream home is basically which brands of products one should use in his/her space?

Now a few decades back it was not such a big concern but with the brawling competition of manufacturers and companies, the situation has worsened.

There are plethora of appliances,products,fittings,hardware,electronics etc which automatically has to be bought if you are moving to your new home and for each one of the above product there are 555 companies.

The often schenario…….
When a couple takes a day off from their business or job and steps out in the market to finalize and freeze the products, they are going to use, they see a market where each and every sales person and dealer of a brand shouts at top of his voice and uses the best methodology and experience to convince them to buy his/her product and promises for the best durability and longevity which the couple is not going to get in the entire market and in any other shop.
And this above scenario happens at every shop they visit for the better deal and better product as the pitches and promises repeats again and again.

The mental and physical exhausment of the couple at the end of the day makes them to  hands over their buying list to the contractor who is always waiting to show his careesma and then he spreads the list to his network where he would get the best commission .

So the result,
You end up buying the rubbish quality product at the price with which you could have bought the best .
With the above narration of the problems lets plunge onto the best brands for the products:

  • HARDWARE FITTINGS(Channels,Hinges,Modular Drawers,)
    These are the most important part for the furniture as they are the backbone of every furniture and the client gets cheated the most in this part
    The best brand one can incorporate is BLUM or from its Indian subsidary HAFFELE and its quite expensive but it would prove to be one time investment.
    Then some others are ASSA ABLOY,EBCO,MABEL which you can rely on.
  • ARCHITECTURAL HARDWARE(Mortise locks,Handles,Door Closers etc):
    These are basically the structural hardwares and the best are offered by GEZE,DORMA,DORSET,HAFFELE.
    These are used mostly in shower cubicles and glass related furnitures applications.
    The best brand is OZONE.
    Yes the locks are also digital and can be operated by a card or a code even for residential flats and bunglows.
    The best is YALE and please don’t go for any other.
  • GLASS:
    Only go for SAINT GOBIN even if you have your own glass business.
    GREEN PLY,CENTURY,SYLVAN are the best.Check each and every sheet when the product is dumped at site for the mark so that you don’t get cheated by the vendor.
  • TILES:
    Go for JOHNSON,NITCO and lastly KAJARIA.
    Go for CERA or JAQUAR and HINDWARE in economy range.
  • CORIAN solid Surface:
    DUPONT is all time best.
    BOSCH and SIEMENS,They are costly but one time investment.If your pocket permits,then go for SIEMENS else BOSCH.
    Go for R.K.MARBLES
    The best brand for screws which will held your entire home furniture and what not is HEPO(A subsidary of Hettich) an then comes OMNI.
  • DUCO,POLY MELAMINE,ENAMEL and other house paints:
    The brand really don’t matter but the workmanship.Still to choose go for ASIAN ,DULUX,BERGER(Best).

I think we have covered almost all the things and their brands.
Will definately write an article for the best shops to get these.

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India-Pakistan ICC 2017 Trophy,some fishy things to note….

India-Pakistan ICC 2017 Trophy,some fishy things to note….

Yeah,it feels absolutely disgusting to watch a match which was already won in our phantasms, as per the interviews and the talks of the cricketers who were considered legends, to hand it over to our biggest competitors and rivals ‘The teamPakistan’.
At first the whole of India and those babbling bubbling bunch of baboons who spoke so much and shattered the Pakistani players on media, understood that no one is small and the will makes even an ant to climb up the mountain.

With no more critics for anyone for their phantasms getting vandalized,lets give a quick look on the points.

  • India was the favourite team from the begining of the ICC champions trophy 2017 and it proved the same till it reached finals.
  • I ask one thing if you were putting money on one of the team to try out your luck knowing about the consequences of the series as per detailed out by the inteviews on media,whom will you choose ?
    Obviously India and me myself being honest chose India for its win .
  • Now just think about the market of betting which is illegitimately been run in this nation or over the whole world for over a 8 decades since the time India started knowing about cricket.
  • Here we are talking about 80 thousand crores worth of money in different currencies which was put on the favourite team by the greeders who wanted a good return .
  • Now like us who earn about 50k a month on an average ,are ready to gamble 5k ,approximately 10 percent of the income on this match ,so think what about the people who have 10 digits of balance in their every bank accounts accross the world.
  • So now if India would have won it would had shattered the betting economy of the world which has been accounted for about 1 lakh 15 thousand crores in the april of 2015 and it definately must have increased.
  • So I think the people reading this article are with me and streamlining their thoughts for the outcome of match.

Some Points to review on the wickets :

  • We saw Rohit Sharma getting caught by the wicketkeeper in the first over and that was a begining of the plot.
  • Secondly we see how Mr.Virat was saved from getting caught on the slip but then again with the same ball,same lenght and same position,and same move, got caught.May be the coincidence.
  • The team required 287 runs from 204 balls. A very obvious strategy which is followed by every team during these tough times is to get singles and aim for a sibgle ground boundary.
    But why the hell were they taking the pull offs and above the ground shots ?

    Yeahh,I know its a bit sarcastic and is heading towards the wittiess of the situation.

  • The point came when everyone had eyes on our most trustful player Mr.M.S.Dhoni.
    Being the one of the most cool and talented player,why would someone like him pull of to the legside when the ball was at 135km/hr above the chest ?
    Again its something that would brainstorm your mind .
  • And the last coincidence,Hardick Pandya put his balls on the bat at every ball and he was been started to be trusted as the silver lining for this trophy till the time when Mr.Jadeja defended the ball by Hasan Ali and then surprisingly called Pandya for a single.
    Unprecendently Mr.Jadeja doesent even stepped out of the crease and got Mr.Pandya walking to the pavilion,
    He was really angry from this judgement though

With many more incidents,its one thing clear,we should never underestimate anyone,ne it a team, a person anyone.

With a very heavy heart ,Congrats team Pakistan !