As promised we are here with our best deal till date for the client’s out there who are hunting professionals to design their space.
Now with the competition reaching out its threshold, finding a trusted Interior Designing firm in India is quite tuff job for the indivisuals who are busy in their day to day lives.

So we make your life and task simple.
Tranquil Designs have now issued its rates all over the internet and social media with the same warranty services as it was offering before which were

  • 5 years of warranty of each completed sites with a documented proof handed to its client’s
  • Every six months maintenance service for the completed sites till 5 years for free and it is also provided with a documented proof to its client.

Now with the above clauses at hand,
Tranquil Designs has issued a package chart which is attached below

Screenshot (25)The offer is valid till September 29th, 2017.
All the orders and queries on or before 29th midnight will be considered.

To Let Tranquil Designs Contact you, fill the form below and submit and hyou will be contacted within 24 hours.
Or drop your query at our Facebook Page here
For any queries Call 8336059140/7980143202


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