Tranquil Revolution

Tranquil Designs, an interior designing and decoration firm has laid down some new revolutionized policies which are mentioned below:

  • Tranquil Design is providing 5 years of warranty on its each and every completed sites to its client with a documented proof.

  • Tranquil Design is also providing every 6 months of maintenance services to its clients again with the documented proof.
    A group of two skilled technician will visit the sites at every six months for a through inspection of the site.If any defects pop out, the technician will repair them on site on the expenses of Tranquil Designs

  • Free hand sketched 3D
    Tranquil Designs is providing free 3D layout(pencil sketched) to its clients which others charge approx. four thousands per view .

  • Free consultation service
    Tranquil Designs is also providing free consultation and guidance services to its clients .

With these few important points Tranquil Designs is scoring a goodwill in the market.

For free consultation provide few details below and you will be contacted in no time.

Visit our Facebook page,click here


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