Tranquil Designs the name which you might have heard in the recent two to three years is a one stop solution for the home interior solution.
Located in Kolkata,
Tranquil Designs have come up with few new revolutions in the interior industry:

  • Tranquil Designs are providing 5 Years of warranty on each of the services which they are providing to their clients
  • In addition,like a cherry on the cake,it is also providing every 6 months maintenance service for free for their completed projects for the term of 5 years.
  • For their new clients they are also offering free consultation services.

The owner of Tranquil Designs says

Each and every client is like a fresh page who should be guided with best possible solutions and ideas and should be filled with the best memories while they make their dream home come to reality.
We build our dream home ones in a lifetime and hence we should provide them the best experiences so that they can cherish them for their entire lifetime.

In fact all the above are documented and provided to their client on a company letter head by owner itself.

I have already booked my appointment,
And you should as well.

Visit their facebook page 

Or fill the form below and you will be contacted within 24 hours.





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