The biggest concern which haunts ones mind when building his/her dream home is basically which brands of products one should use in his/her space?

Now a few decades back it was not such a big concern but with the brawling competition of manufacturers and companies, the situation has worsened.

There are plethora of appliances,products,fittings,hardware,electronics etc which automatically has to be bought if you are moving to your new home and for each one of the above product there are 555 companies.

The often schenario…….
When a couple takes a day off from their business or job and steps out in the market to finalize and freeze the products, they are going to use, they see a market where each and every sales person and dealer of a brand shouts at top of his voice and uses the best methodology and experience to convince them to buy his/her product and promises for the best durability and longevity which the couple is not going to get in the entire market and in any other shop.
And this above scenario happens at every shop they visit for the better deal and better product as the pitches and promises repeats again and again.

The mental and physical exhausment of the couple at the end of the day makes them to  hands over their buying list to the contractor who is always waiting to show his careesma and then he spreads the list to his network where he would get the best commission .

So the result,
You end up buying the rubbish quality product at the price with which you could have bought the best .
With the above narration of the problems lets plunge onto the best brands for the products:

  • HARDWARE FITTINGS(Channels,Hinges,Modular Drawers,)
    These are the most important part for the furniture as they are the backbone of every furniture and the client gets cheated the most in this part
    The best brand one can incorporate is BLUM or from its Indian subsidary HAFFELE and its quite expensive but it would prove to be one time investment.
    Then some others are ASSA ABLOY,EBCO,MABEL which you can rely on.
  • ARCHITECTURAL HARDWARE(Mortise locks,Handles,Door Closers etc):
    These are basically the structural hardwares and the best are offered by GEZE,DORMA,DORSET,HAFFELE.
    These are used mostly in shower cubicles and glass related furnitures applications.
    The best brand is OZONE.
    Yes the locks are also digital and can be operated by a card or a code even for residential flats and bunglows.
    The best is YALE and please don’t go for any other.
  • GLASS:
    Only go for SAINT GOBIN even if you have your own glass business.
    GREEN PLY,CENTURY,SYLVAN are the best.Check each and every sheet when the product is dumped at site for the mark so that you don’t get cheated by the vendor.
  • TILES:
    Go for JOHNSON,NITCO and lastly KAJARIA.
    Go for CERA or JAQUAR and HINDWARE in economy range.
  • CORIAN solid Surface:
    DUPONT is all time best.
    BOSCH and SIEMENS,They are costly but one time investment.If your pocket permits,then go for SIEMENS else BOSCH.
    Go for R.K.MARBLES
    The best brand for screws which will held your entire home furniture and what not is HEPO(A subsidary of Hettich) an then comes OMNI.
  • DUCO,POLY MELAMINE,ENAMEL and other house paints:
    The brand really don’t matter but the workmanship.Still to choose go for ASIAN ,DULUX,BERGER(Best).

I think we have covered almost all the things and their brands.
Will definately write an article for the best shops to get these.

Visit Tranquil designs for more info.



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