Yeah,it feels absolutely disgusting to watch a match which was already won in our phantasms, as per the interviews and the talks of the cricketers who were considered legends, to hand it over to our biggest competitors and rivals ‘The teamPakistan’.
At first the whole of India and those babbling bubbling bunch of baboons who spoke so much and shattered the Pakistani players on media, understood that no one is small and the will makes even an ant to climb up the mountain.

With no more critics for anyone for their phantasms getting vandalized,lets give a quick look on the points.

  • India was the favourite team from the begining of the ICC champions trophy 2017 and it proved the same till it reached finals.
  • I ask one thing if you were putting money on one of the team to try out your luck knowing about the consequences of the series as per detailed out by the inteviews on media,whom will you choose ?
    Obviously India and me myself being honest chose India for its win .
  • Now just think about the market of betting which is illegitimately been run in this nation or over the whole world for over a 8 decades since the time India started knowing about cricket.
  • Here we are talking about 80 thousand crores worth of money in different currencies which was put on the favourite team by the greeders who wanted a good return .
  • Now like us who earn about 50k a month on an average ,are ready to gamble 5k ,approximately 10 percent of the income on this match ,so think what about the people who have 10 digits of balance in their every bank accounts accross the world.
  • So now if India would have won it would had shattered the betting economy of the world which has been accounted for about 1 lakh 15 thousand crores in the april of 2015 and it definately must have increased.
  • So I think the people reading this article are with me and streamlining their thoughts for the outcome of match.

Some Points to review on the wickets :

  • We saw Rohit Sharma getting caught by the wicketkeeper in the first over and that was a begining of the plot.
  • Secondly we see how Mr.Virat was saved from getting caught on the slip but then again with the same ball,same lenght and same position,and same move, got caught.May be the coincidence.
  • The team required 287 runs from 204 balls. A very obvious strategy which is followed by every team during these tough times is to get singles and aim for a sibgle ground boundary.
    But why the hell were they taking the pull offs and above the ground shots ?

    Yeahh,I know its a bit sarcastic and is heading towards the wittiess of the situation.

  • The point came when everyone had eyes on our most trustful player Mr.M.S.Dhoni.
    Being the one of the most cool and talented player,why would someone like him pull of to the legside when the ball was at 135km/hr above the chest ?
    Again its something that would brainstorm your mind .
  • And the last coincidence,Hardick Pandya put his balls on the bat at every ball and he was been started to be trusted as the silver lining for this trophy till the time when Mr.Jadeja defended the ball by Hasan Ali and then surprisingly called Pandya for a single.
    Unprecendently Mr.Jadeja doesent even stepped out of the crease and got Mr.Pandya walking to the pavilion,
    He was really angry from this judgement though

With many more incidents,its one thing clear,we should never underestimate anyone,ne it a team, a person anyone.

With a very heavy heart ,Congrats team Pakistan !


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